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Вакансия Менеджер проектов ИКТ 150 000 Тнг.

Вакансия Менеджер проектов ИКТ

Создано: 24 Ноябрь
Наименование вакансии: Менеджер проектов ИКТ 
Название организации: "ЕРАМ KAZAKHSTAN" (ЭПАМ КАЗАХСТАН) 
Форма собственности: ТОО 
График работы: полный день 
Требуемое образование: высшее 
Требуемый стаж по специальности: свыше 3 лет 
RESPONSIBILITIES: Assist with the creation of a shared product vision and provide feedback that may influence it. Be responsible for managing short-term (3-6 months) the product roadmap, supporting the management of short-term commitments made to the clients, sales, stakeholders. Oversee developing proof points for the business case of a product. Assist the management of the long-term product roadmap, involving sales, marketing, implementations, clients, prospects, and partners. Understand user needs you will be translating them into product requirements. Produce, manage and prioritize the product backlog (3-6 months) and manage dependencies, according to defined OKRs or KPIs. Assist in creating product and release documentation. Be in charge of providing product context for delivery teams, working closely with the implementation, design, and business teams to clarify requirements, validating and aligning product requirements with technical constraints. Drive the Product Backlog release sizing efforts and adjusting the roadmap based on results. Lead the demonstration of the latest iterations to stakeholders (pre-release) and gathering feedback.REQUIREMENTS: Strong experience as a Senior BA (A3) or Lead BA (A4 + ). Experience working as Product Owner or Proxy-Product Owner. Fundamental knowledge of SDLC and project management methodologies. Base knowledge in Product Management techniques and practices. Understands basic concepts, terms, standards, processes, and relevant technologies of at least one domain. Able to identify key trends shaping the domain. Familiar with the largest customer segments, common products, and product types within the domain. Can guide discussions between various product stakeholders to increase understanding of product features and requirements, areas of responsibilities, and expected outcomes, values, and priorities. Can resolve conflicts, dependencies, and bottlenecks with stakeholders. Able to communicate and get team "buy-in" to the agreed-upon overall Product vision. Comfortable with change, ambiguity, debate, conflict, playfulness, experimentation, and informed risk-taking. Able to conduct product demos and workshops. Has worked with more than 1 product team. Able to support one or two development teams in the Product Owner role. Understands different types of users and can identify user needs to be based on evidence.
Создано: 24 Ноябрь
Жексембаева Асемгуль Булекбаевна
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150 000 Тнг.
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Жексембаева Асемгуль Булекбаевна
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